How Long Does a Laser Etched Headstone or Memorial Last?

Q. How long will the etching on a laser etched headstone or memorial last?
A. The laser design will last as long as the stone lasts.

Many customers ask us this question due to completely unfounded concerns.

Laser etching (engraving) burns into the layers of the granite or stone therefore it becomes an actual and immovable part of the memorial. Unlike earlier porcelain add-ons or painted designs, there is no risk of the design falling off or fading over time.

The only loss of design quality will be related to the natural erosion of the stone material which, for granite, stands at approximately 1/16 of an inch every 1,000 years!

Therefore, our customers can rest assured that our products will stand as a lasting tribute to their loved ones for many generations.

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- The Perfect Memorial

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